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Enhancing Cleanliness and Hygiene in Educational Environments with Chlorine Dioxide Products | AirRx

Discover how our innovative Chlorine Dioxide products can help create a clean and healthy educational environment. From classrooms to common areas, our versatile solutions, including the Z-Series Stayfresh Big Bag, Stayfresh Cleaner Sachet, and UltraShok, offer effective disinfection and odor elimination. Contact us today to learn more.


Welcome to our page dedicated to enhancing cleanliness and hygiene in educational environments. At AirRx, we understand the importance of providing students and staff with a safe and healthy space for learning and growth. Our advanced Chlorine Dioxide products, including the Z-Series Stayfresh Big Bag, Stayfresh Cleaner Sachet, and UltraShok, are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. Discover how our solutions can help create a clean and hygienic environment for all.

Z-Series Stayfresh Big Bag

The Z-Series Stayfresh Big Bag is a powerful tool for maintaining cleanliness in medium-sized rooms within educational institutions. Measuring approximately 4″ x 4″, this bag contains a medium that generates Chlorine Dioxide when exposed to air. Strategically placed in areas with high airflow, such as classrooms and common areas, the bag releases Chlorine Dioxide, effectively sanitizing the atmosphere and surfaces. Its disinfection properties help reduce the risk of infections, providing a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

Stayfresh Cleaner Sachet

Our Stayfresh Cleaner Sachet offers a convenient solution for surface disinfection in educational settings. By simply placing the sachet in water and allowing it to sit for about 60 minutes, a powerful oxidizing solution is created. This solution eliminates bacteria on contact, providing an efficient method for sanitizing surfaces in classrooms, administrative offices, and common areas. With no residue left behind, the Stayfresh Cleaner Sachet saves time and ensures a hygienic environment for all.


The UltraShok is a compact and efficient product designed for sanitizing smaller rooms within educational institutions. With a simple twist and push, this puck-like disk releases Chlorine Dioxide gas into the air. In just an hour, the UltraShok effectively sanitizes the entire space, making it ideal for study rooms, libraries, laboratories, and small gathering areas. Its powerful disinfection capabilities contribute to a safe and healthy educational environment.

Key Advantages of Our Chlorine Dioxide Products

Experience the power of Chlorine Dioxide in creating a clean and healthy educational environment. Our Z-Series Stayfresh Big Bag, Stayfresh Cleaner Sachet, and UltraShok offer effective solutions for air and surface disinfection, odor elimination, and more. Contact us today to learn how our products can benefit your educational institution.