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About Us

Our Founder, Gad Amith formed AIRRX, INC because of the societal pain inflicted by seemingly endless waves of the COVID-19 global pandemic which caused enormous strife and grief particularly in workplace settings.

That’s why AirRX was founded to bring a paradigm shift by using proved and potent state of the art technology to dramatically reduce cross contamination by airborne and surface pathogens and easing the concerns of workers and guests. These air and surface solutions have their roots and foundation using Chlorine dioxide, A powerful oxidizer, used for decades in water treatment, food handing industry, and various other enterprises. Innovation in the installation and delivery of this product has made it effective and safe.

Why Choose Us

Our team of specialists come from a diverse background in Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Material Response Teams, and Industrial Hygiene. We are committed to assisting public safety agencies, the Medical, Hospitality and Educational industry and all other work settings in the implementation of this powerful platform of air and surface cleaning, deodorizing, while eradicating biological organisms.

Along the way, public health policy makers at all governmental levels imposed what some saw as draconian measures to slow the spread of this contagion:

Undoubtfully, all these measures resulted in an unprecedented pushback by large segments of society and employment settings.

AirRx Team Helps Battle COVID

COPH research team finds chlorine dioxide gas 99.91% effective against COVID-19 virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of prompt and effective disinfection practices.

During this challenging time, the AIRRX Team rose to the occasion, safeguarding first-responders and their facilities in Riverside County from the virus. They embarked on a mission to evaluate the effectiveness of commercially available chlorine dioxide (CD) gas products in reducing COVID-19 viral loads on face masks and surfaces. The team not only ensured the safety of first-responders and their facilities, but also discovered that continuous use of CD gas prevented any virus-related incidents among the department members.

The Center for Environmental/Occupational Risk Analysis and Management has published research on this topic which can be found here

We Aim to Be Your Trusted Provider of Clean and Safe Products

At AIRRX, we aim to be your trusted provider of clean and safe disinfectant solutions. We offer eco-friendly, potent, and affordable disinfection solutions for commercial and public spaces, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment at all times.